About us

Aido Tech is a digital experience design company with roots in South Africa, Pretoria.

We are a Digital agency in Pretoria comprised of a galvanized group of strategists, designers, developers, and writers. With our powers combined and a certain je ne sais quoi, we work symbiotically towards one common goal in perfect harmony. Together, we build amazing brands and shape the experiences that allow people to fall madly in love with them.

Solving problems with clarity, simplicity & honesty, we deliver our clients a return on investment through effective digital experiences.


Discovery allows us to get to know your customers & undertake a pre-project phase to put a solid project strategy & roadmap in place.


We design with data, stripping back the unnecessary to focus on what’s important, delivering simple yet engaging digital experiences.


Our digital experiences are built with users, scale, & future development in mind. Everything that leaves the studio is always fully Quality Assured.

Brands we have worked with before

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